About Us

We aim to deliver on quality and time!

E&L Enterprises is a renowned company that specialises in the manufacture of metal structures.

We started out as a company that specialised in blasting, galvanising and spray painting back in 2008, and from there on we continued to evolve to offer the Maltese market innovative solutions related to our areas of expertise. In 2018, we relocated to 15,000m2 premises in Hal Far and expanded our industrial capability to the manufacture of steel structures, including beam bending capabilities for various profiles, stainless steel items and the provision of the latest technologies using CNC waterjet and plasma cutting.

Our Company also provides finishing services. These include galvanizing, industrial spray painting and powder coating services using quality materials to ensure that a high-end product is supplied to the client, from design conceptualisation up to installation on site.

We strongly believe that our clients should be able to benefit from a “one-stop-shop” concept and we address all their needs in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Companies

E&L Projects Ltd focuses on the project management of large, specialised projects related to the manufacture of metal structures.

E&L Trading & Services Ltd specialises in the purchase of property for rent and lease.

The Temporary Hanger we have built for one of our aviation clients specialising in the provision of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) can be seen here.